Eustachian tube

Ultrasound Otoscopes For Aiding Diagnosis Of Middle Ear Infections

Middle ear infections are one of the most common problems for a clinical visit to an otolaryngologist. The disease is more prevalent in pediatric populations but can affect any age group. The most common presentation is Otitis Media with Effusion/OME (i.e fluid collecting in the middle ear behind an intact tympanic membrane /eardrum). This fluid

Patulous eustachian tube

The patulous eustachian tube also known as patent Eustachian tube (PET) is a rare physiological disorder of the eustachian tube, in which a normally closed Eustachian tube stays open intermittently. PET was first described by Schwartze 1864 when he noted the movement of an atrophic tympanic membrane in synchronous with respiration. Jago described it fully